Waiting Room Poems

Mia Florin-Sefton //

Title Image: A Dragon Kiss Always Ends in Ashes,
by Wangechu Mutu **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

My mother is a dragon

My mother starved herself
Breathing fire that breathed
With a womb that blooms

My mother starved to death
In the White Waiting Room
With a womb that bloomed
Crying pasts over porcelain

In the Waiting White Room
Never trust the tea leaves
When crying pasts over porcelain
Always give children white lies

Never trust said tea leaves

Wicked white coat warnings
Always tell children white lies
Yet never have children

A wicked white coat warning
Moons drive all women crazy
You can never have children
Longing loved you too long

Moons drive all women crazy
When starvations keen me
Longing left you too long, and
Every bone forgets to breathe

When starvations see me
Humming flies swallow our silence
Every bone forgets to breathe
Each womb breaking five times

Humming lies steal our silence
Flies are drawn to white lights
A womb breaking five times
She mouthed she meant to die

Flights are drawn to white lies
I ate my tea leaves and cried
She mouthed she meant to die
Where are my white lies

I ate my tea leaves and cried
Time to dissect my insides
White coats never tell white lies     
About coming back to life

Time to read these insides
She told me she should die
Now eat your tea leaves-
And learn to lie

I have learnt to lie
I lie all the time
Fire hatched, fire cracked-
If my mother is a dragon.


The Words We Heard

Words like benign, he’ll be fine
Combat symptoms, modify expectations
The need for some incisions
The attempt to combat cell divisions
Consider in the light of statistics 
And available therapeutics
Intracranial pressures
Growing threat of seizures
Facial paralysis
Possible loss of consciousness
Blood vessels in the intra-lobe
A risk of post-fossa syndrome
Will come with increased irritability
An age group of particular susceptibility
Caused by growth of limpomas
And metastic melanomas
An extraventricular drain
A growth at the base of the brain.
Swelling cerebrospinal fluids
Intraoperative mapping and lucid
Located in the cerebellum, the brain stem
All evidence gained from post-mortems.
Wait, possibly malignant
A failure to reach medical agreement
Oh, Bitemporal hemianopia
No hyperprolactinemia

These words we re h ard.


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