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“Culture and Medicine: Critical Readings in the Health and Medical Humanities”

Synapsis is thrilled to announce the publication of a new book, Culture and Medicine: Critical Readings in the Health and Medical Humanities, just released from Bloomsbury. The book is edited by our editors-in-chief, Rishi Goyal and Arden Hegele, and it features essays by writers of Synapsis. Read an interview with Goyal and Hegele about the book and Synapsis here. 

The book is an outgrowth of the work Synapsis writers have done together. It features eleven chapters and an afterword by foundational writers at Synapsis–many of whom are still writing for the journal. The chapters represent disciplines as diverse as early modern literature, medical anthropology, and emergency medicine. In the critical introduction, Hegele and Goyal engage with the question of how biomedical knowledge is constructed, negotiated, and circulated as a cultural practice.

And here is a selection from reviews: 

“An enlightening and concerned set of contributions by the next generation of scholars to grapple with the Health and Medical Humanities and their interrelationships with the practices, research tools and teaching of health sciences. Dynamic, scholarly and clearly written.” — Brian Hurwitz, Kings College London
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