Hello and welcome to our new online journal.

What is health and how do we achieve it are questions that have never been more salient. Our ability to modify bodies through biotechnology has rendered life increasingly transformable. But alongside the incredible transformations in reproductive health, cancer care and genetic medicine, growing inequalities have exacerbated health disparities through the uneven delivery of and access to care. Every day more aspects of life are becoming medicalized. And the political and technological management of bodies has rendered the very definition of life even more contested.

We hope to situate our work within this matrix of scientific, social and political transformation as a way of enframing the human and historical dimensions of health, disease and illness. There is grace and beauty in all kinds of human experience but there is also sadness and loss. We are excited to bring you new and emerging scholarly voices from the diverse fields that make up the assemblage collectively known as the health and medical humanities. Our articles will be timely, relevant and engage with the most pressing and important questions that impinge on politics, life, aesthetics and the social world.

In every way possible, we truly hope to be a department without walls.

Dr. Rishi Goyal & Dr. Arden Hegele

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