Official Launch: Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our new online journal. What is health and how do we achieve it are questions that have never been more salient. Our ability to modify bodies through biotechnology has rendered life increasingly transformable. But alongside the incredible transformations in reproductive health, cancer care and genetic medicine, growing inequalities have exacerbated health... Continue Reading →

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Cut Off: Amputation and Agency

What does it mean to feel cut off? What is the relationship between this feeling, a feeling of alienation and non-belonging, and the physical act of separation implied by the medical procedure of amputation? Last month I was inspired by Kristina’s review of Anatomy of a Soldier, in which an injured soldier comes back to... Continue Reading →

My Graphic Medicine Journey (Part Three)

The life course being a journey with various obstacles to overcome, and lessons to be learned, is a prevalent metaphor that has achieved almost mythic status. The anthropologist Ronald Grimes claims that ‘we do not escape metaphors, myths, and rituals; we only change them’ (146). Over the course of my previous two posts (Part 1,... Continue Reading →

Carrie’s Story

Sneha Mantri On a spring morning ninety years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision on a landmark trial, Buck v Bell, declaring that forcible sterilization of so-called “degenerates” was not only permissible but imperative. Writing for the Court, Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. justified the decision: “It is... Continue Reading →

The World We See – Part 2: “What an Eye!”

Paul Cézanne’s eyes contained a subtle flaw. The late 19th century painter was famous for bridging Impressionism and the art movements that followed, but his eyes over the years had gradually changed shape, bending until they better resembled footballs than spheres. The change had no effect on objects nearby, but objects in the distance appeared... Continue Reading →

New Events: December 10-16

To post an event, write to aah2155[at] Explorations in the Medical Humanities Series December 11 – features Megan Coyer (Glasgow), a literary scholar and the author of Literature and Medicine in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press (2017). Cristobal Silva responds and Arden Hegele moderates. Heyman Center, Columbia University, 6pm. New Events: Spring 2018 We're delighted to... Continue Reading →

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