Jac Saorsa: Artist-in-residence// In my work I make a lot of portraits. Some are of real people but most are ‘constructs’ – images created from my imagination, even if based on reality. All originate from some form of profound emotion. In all of the portraits I make, it is the eyes that, for me, are perhaps the most important feature. The eyes express things that embody and personalise more meaning than words could ever evoke. The eyes ‘speak’ to the viewer with a truth that at once betrays and embraces vulnerability – the essence of authentic human relations.

For this post, made during a strange time of sickness and loss, and when perhaps we are all experiencing some nuance of vulnerability, I am hoping that these cropped images from some of the portraits I have made will communicate in a way that goes beyond anything I can usefully say with words.

from Alan
from The Hippocratic face
from Sometimes I bleed
from Child of Antigua
from Breast Cancer: a creative intervention
from Drawing Women’s cancer
from Marios
from Pain
from Grief
from Old Soul
from Breast Cancer: a creative intervention
from Cancer Ward 12

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