Synapsis section editors and writers-in-residence will be speaking on a panel at the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research Congress (April 19-21, 2023) on April 21 at 11:30am EST. The panel is titled “A Discussion on Critical Interdisciplinarity: Methods and Methodologies in Medical Humanities.” There, Amala Poli, Melissa “Mel” Maldonado-Salcedo, Emilie Egger, Dr. Diana Novaceanu, and Suvendu Ghatak will address the question of “critical interdisciplinarity” modeled on the publications of Synapsis, where conversations across disciplines stem from the vantage points of specific expertise, and ranges across their borders into readership beyond academia. For more details about the conference and panel, see Nothern Network for Medical Humanities website.
Image: NNMHR Conference: CRITICAL banner

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