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Books, Health, and History

New York Academy of Medicine, 1216 Fifth Ave at 103rd St

Nov 6: First Monday Tour. Join us on the first Monday of every month (excluding holidays) to see highlights from the collection in the Drs. Barry and Bobbi Coller Rare Book Reading Room. 12 pm, meet in the Academy lobby.

Nov 8: Atlas Obscura After Hours Session 3: Women and Medicine, 6pm-7:30pm.

CONVERGENCE: a show about the future

Join us for Convergence on Thurs, 11/9!

A team of researchers recently announced that they successfully brought premature baby goats to term in a new artificial womb. So, how might an artificial womb be used with human babies in neonatal units? How might it impact difficult early life-and-death decisions? How might an artificial womb affect a woman’s legal right to an abortion? What does the history of childbirth tell us about how this technology could shape what it means to be a mother in the future?

Convergence is a new live show and podcast that brings two people from vastly different fields into conversation about how emerging science and tech will affect culture, society, and politics in the near future. How will machine learning (really) affect labor? How is asteroid mining already privatizing space? What new science is already on the horizon what ethical, legal, and policy questions do we need to ask today to help shape the future we want tomorrow?

This month, host Meehan Crist will be joined by legal scholar Kimberly Mutcherson, whose work focuses on reproductive justice, family and the state, along with medical writer Randi Hutter Epstein, M.D., an expert in the history of childbirth, to ask: How will a new artificial womb affect women’s health and reproductive rights?

The show will be recorded live at Caveat. Doors at 7; show at 7:30.

Tickets available at

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